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Designers vs Coding

A good read. (And take note of the Don’t Fear the Internet plug — it really is a fantastic collection of [short] tutorial videos.)

In my opinion, any one that works on the Web could benefit from being familiar with coding.


“Do I need to know how to code?” is a question that comes up with sure-fire consistency in design circles. I’ve seen it asked by so many, from uncertain design students in classrooms worried about their chances of landing a job, to seasoned professionals at conferences seeing their pool of print projects slowly evaporate. The question is being asked with even greater frequency as of late, because Adobe has launched their product Muse, which promises designers the ability to “create unique websites without writing code.” So, if a designer wants to work on the web, should they take the time to learn this dastardly “code” or instead rely on software like Muse?

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Don't fear the Internet ⇢




One of our very favorite shop owners, Jessica Hische, is creating a new generation of capable web-nerds with her series entitled “Don’t Fear the Internet”. Along with her accomplice (read: fiancé) Russ Maschmeyer, these two have created a series of videos distilling even the most complicated, stress-inducing aspects of web mastery down into super-tasty bites of concise and useable info.


Whether you’re a print designer, photographer, or fine-artist, these highly educational nuggets of information wrapped in a ton of charm will make you “feel empowered rather than crippled by the internet”. This is such a great series for beginners, but also full of little refresher tips for those who’ve already been in the game for a while.

Check out the full series here:


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