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Documenting Elephants’ Compassion, and Their Slaughter ⇢

Beautiful photos of such beautiful animals from Michael Nichols. 

The worst summer selfie has a sweet Tumblr: Hot Dog Legs.

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The worst summer selfie has a sweet Tumblr: Hot Dog Legs.


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Love these.  


Behind the scenes of Sesame Street with the Muppets.

Source: loosetoon

Don Draper, your antitrust attorney is on line 2 ⇢

A good look at what happens when my world and my husband’s world collide.

NPR Reporters Return to Iowa for RAGBRAI ⇢

Three NPR reporters didn’t get to explore Iowa during the last presidential campaign, so they returned this summer for the annual bicycle ride across our great state: RAGBRAI. Check out their great Tumblr. 


 It looks flat in this pic. Don’t kid yourself. 

Just about time to head to Council Bluffs! RAGBRAI photo of the day for 07/18/13. Photo by The Des Moines Register.


Depressing ad of the day.


Depressing ad of the day.

NPR's List of Running Arrested Development Gags ⇢

Pretty amazing app with “disconcerting detail” about every joke and when it appeared throughout the seasons.

And now I’m officially done bombarding you with items about Arrested Development.

Bottom’s up.


7 Arrested Development Themed Cocktails

Add all these drinks to your Arrested Development party menu.

To that end designed elements should look like how they behave. Form follows function. In practice this means that someone should be able to predict how an interface element will behave merely by looking at it. If it looks like a button it should act like a button.

- Among the many good reminders from Principles of User Interface Design


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